Paul Resnikoff over at Digital Media News has an exclusive article up about a possible new vinyl format.  HD VINYL

From the article

  • A European patent filing exclusively shared with Digital Music News on Tuesday.
  • This is a concept that could potentially be on the market within three years, according to details shared by Rebeat Digital, the company that filed the patent.
  • … ‘HD Vinyl’ process involves 3D-based topographical mapping combined with laser inscription technology to more quickly generate a far superior product.  Not only will the end product be vastly improved, but the time required to produce the LPs will also be radically reduced.

Do you think we need a new vinyl format?

I imagine this new format will end up costing consumers more than current pressing. My guess is something more along the price point of half-speed masters.

Regardless, at this point it is just a patent. Many Patents get filled and products never make it to market. We’re happy to read though that people are still trying to improve such and old technology. Thanks Mr. Edison.

If/when HD VINYL, comes to market rest assured the best way to store and display then will be in a RACKS4RECORDS product